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The Petticoat Pirate book 3 E-BOOK.jpg


The Petticoat Pirate
and the
Shattered Souls


A storm is brewing on the horizon.


After the harrowing voyage to Boston, Josephine’s attempted rescue turns into disaster. Although Garreck Skulthorpe is dead, Nathaniel is now a traitor to the British Crown and Oliver has been twisted into an enemy.


Pursued by pirate hunters, the British Royal Navy, and a witch bent on revenge, Josephine and Nathaniel journey to Salem in search of answers and a counter curse for her best friend. She discovers dangerous secrets about her past instead – secrets her father risked his life to hide.


As rebellion in the American colonies heats up, Josephine must learn to trust her magic – and her heart – to protect the ones she loves.


"A fantastic adventure set in the revolutionary time period with a magical twist!"

"I loved the mystery, intrigue, and just the right amount of romance."

"This book was a fun and easy read, but leaves you wanting more!!!"

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